General Data Protection Regulation GDPR in Review

Event overview

We are all hearing the GDPR as a legislation message we all need to address, the legislation is not generalist, some may or may not have relevance to your organisation. Understanding what is relevant to your business is important. 

what can i expect

On Friday 15th September at 2.30pm, Phil Mercer PowerONs Services & Solutions Director hosted a webinar to provide a high level, practical, business review of GDPR. During the short session, Phil provided knowledge on the different aspects of GDPR, and what the requirements are. 

Additionally, for those customers using Microsoft technologies PowerON demonstrated how Microsoft 365 can support the management and delivery of your GDPR journey. 

the webinar explored

  • Business review of GDPR 
  • Overview of enabling technologies from Microsoft 
  • Practical examples of implementation 
  • Guidance on supporting resources available 
  • Q&A 

Already watched the webinar? Have a read of my blog ‘General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Review‘.

Phil Mercer

Phil Mercer

Phil always says that he is 'Technical' but not the 'Techy' – Phil works with customers to help them map requirements for their business success and how these align to the technologies and capabilities on the market for modernising their IT.

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