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Robust Hybrid Cloud Platform

The Challenge

Pertemps People Development Group required a service partner to design a solution that could deliver a robust high quality hybrid cloud management platform to support the needs of the business, whilst managing budget and time constraints.

“PPDG have around 800 staff and we support up to thirty thousand clients at any one time. One of the key business challenges and a prime consideration that we have, given that the majority of our contracts are with the Government, are the regulations around the safe storage of client data. We previously used Landesk to manage the environment but we wanted to look at how we could use one product to bridge both environments and pull them all together. Having reviewed a number of products eighteen months ago, we came across the Microsoft Public Cloud service which afforded us the hybrid opportunity to host both on premise and externally. This enabled us to create a multi data centre environment with the ability to store data in our private environment whilst still having the advantage of the public cloud service applications there.”


PowerON Platforms Technical Services Division architected a solution that incorporated a pre-configured appliance of System Center components designed to speed up integration into the client’s environment for accelerated delivery and adoption. PowerOn Platform provided a comprehensive suite of tools by taking what Microsoft has to offer as their System Center Suite and linking this with certain capabilities of Windows Server and Azure InTune (complimentary technologies from Microsoft) for an incredibly powerful and robust management platform.

The automated cloud management platform delivers a hybrid solution consisting of:

  • Office 365
  • System Center Suite
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft InTune
  • ADFS into Azure InTune



“The fact that we could deploy System Center within thirty days has made a massive difference to us because we may have had to hold onto the Landesk for and extra year which would have put everything else back a step, so that’s absolutely superb.”

Andy Pettigrew – Excutive IT Director


“It is not just about upgrading applications, it is actually a question of looking at how the business can utilise the new functionality that is there.” “The technology will enable us to make massive steps as an organisation, so for me it will bring efficiencies and it also brings new possibilities. I can now introduce Virtual Learners to my delivery of English as a Second Language so that they can join that live delivery from wherever they are, reducing travel time and duplication.”

Steve King – CEO PPDG


“The technology works alongside me, acting as an enabler. I see the technology as a means to challenge existing processes, it is part of the intelligence you apply to the particular issue you’ve got and not just something that I pull out of the cupboard now and again.” “We wanted to build solutions for our business using the most up to date technology. For me this opens up the potential for so many different things.”

Steve King – CEO PPDG


“Engaging with a traditional type of SI Partner, it could easily take one hundred and eighty days’ worth of effort, spread across a twelve to twenty four month delivery time. Alternatively the entire system can be delivered in a matter of weeks or months by utilising our appliance based approach. This approach can be delivered in as little as an eight week delivery cycle across the entire System Center Stack. What would have previously been an impossible task for a customer, is now a reality.”

Philip Mercer – Solutions & services Director PowerON Platforms

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