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Welcome to the modern way to manage devices from the Internet with all of the Enterprise Modern Management capabilities you need. Keep organisations secure, up-to-date and productive with PowerON Pulse. Explore the Pulse Solutions.


SCCM online service

Pulse provides the power of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) without the pain and complexity of designing, managing and updating SCCM server environments. Say goodbye to daily, weekly and monthly maintenance routines like SQL database optimisations, backups, clearing down logs and monthly updates. Pulse provides SCCM as an online service with no on-premise server infrastructure.

Confident Windows Patching anywhere

Take control of patch compliance and deploy with confidence. As long as devices have a connection to the Internet, they can be kept up to date, secured and managed with ease. With internet-based management control, deploying apps and reporting on security patches are simplified without the need for VPN solutions.

Fast & Flexible

On-boarding to Pulse is fast and seamless. Deploy the Pulse agent to existing Windows devices immediately. As the technology is built in the cloud, once the OS, apps and drivers are configured, IT teams can start managing their Windows estate. Increase or decrease device usage based on your business needs with this highly flexible service.

Manage across domains & Workgroups

For organisations with more complex environments, Pulse can deliver a powerful centralised management solution across different sites, domains and Active Directories (AD). Pulse has a built in managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to allow easy security and management of devices, even if they have the same name or are in a workgroup.

Microsoft Intune Integration

With Intune integration built in, customers can leverage the best of Microsoft's management tools. Pulse can work with Microsoft Intune to provide a seamless on-boarding experience and provide additional options for policy management with Windows.

Windows Autopilot Provisioning

Leverage the new modern management experience with Pulse, Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune. Pulse works in harmony with Windows Autopilot and Mobile Device Management to provide a seamless on-boarding and provisioning process for users.

Policy & Compliance Control

Device policy enforcement can be a challenge with a modern workforce. Ensuring Active Directory (AD) Group Policies have been applied across devices is a challenge. Pulse provides the ability to enforce, report and auto remediate detailed security policies without the need for devices to be connected to AD.

Simplify Windows as a service

Define internal testing processes easily and enable seamless deployment to the entire organisation with Pulse. Windows 10 introduces constant bi-annual updates called 'Feature Updates'. Pulse allows teams to easily test applications against these, and manage each release within the organisation with granularity and control.

REduced Internet bandwidth

Pulse has no on-premise SCCM servers or distribution points. Pulse leverages BranchCache and Peer-to-peer caching technology so all devices effectively have the ability to share data and optimise network bandwidth by utilising locally downloaded data first.

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