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‘PowerON were very responsive to our needs, understood our requirements and delivered on our expectations. We gave a very broad scope of the engagement and PowerON helped us narrow it down to something that was very easily achievable and onto a framework.’

Zubair Fakir, CTO, Regents University London

Who are Regent's University London?

Regent’s is London’s only independent, not-for-profit university. Based in Royal Regent’s Park
and Marylebone. After becoming a University back in 2012 it boasts 3500 students, 400 staff
members and an additional 400 contractors.


Regent’s University London were looking to achieve a successful migration to Windows 10. By leveraging PowerON’s services and automation capabilities Regent’s are set to migrate to Windows 10 and adopt O365.

Customer Challenge

With the end of support for Windows 7 looming Regent’s University London knew they needed to migrate to Windows 10. The customer had a very good technical team inhouse but felt they needed an external verification process to ensure they weren’t missing anything. Furthermore, the way Windows 10 is managed and deployed is different to previous versions. Regent’s University London wanted to make sure they had the correct software and processes in place to manage the updates and deployment prior to migration.

The Solution

PowerON worked with Regent’s University London to assess their current Windows 10 migration status and discuss any relevant technologies. These could assist them in their goal of migrating the desktops and laptops from Windows 7 to Windows 10. PowerON also provided Regent’s with a view as to where and how the technologies can deliver value to the organisation and develop a high-level roadmap to support Regent’s to integrate these improvements in a structured and managed approach.

Windows 10 Upgrade Readiness

The initial testing of Regent’s environment was completed and identified all the software that was deployed throughout the organisation. PowerON then categorised the software and reviewed these finds. Once the software was understood, Regent’s University London was then able to isolate what they were and identify potential issues with Windows 10.

Zubair Fakir, Chief Technology Officer, Regent’s University London quoted ‘this is a tool that worked smarter, I mean, we had done some of the work but manually. This tool automated this process quite a bit so it allowed us to discount software which would definitely work with Windows 10 and highlight the software which needed a bit of work.’

‘It provided us with a path to work through so any future software was easily identified and checked very quickly’

Zubair Fakir, CTO, Regents University London

Solutions Discovery Workshop

PowerON delivered an onsite discovery workshop with key stakeholders from across the Regent’s team that were responsible for the Windows 10 rollout. This discovery workshop helped Regent’s University London ensure that all aspects of deployment was thought out and planned in a structured manner. The focus of the workshop was to ensure Windows 10 and associated technologies and features were understood and assessed for deployment suitability and key components were assessed

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