Reporting on Azure Backup with Power BI

Event overview

Azure Backup continues to improve its capability and recently announced the preview of Azure Backup Reports using PowerBI. Azure Backup Reports enable IT to gauge backup health, view restore trends, and understand storage usage patterns across subscriptions and vaults. More importantly, Azure Backup Reports provide you with the complete power to generate your own reports and build customisations using Power BI. 

what can i expect

On Friday 25th August 2.30pm, Craig Fretwell a PowerON Azure Delivery consultant, will be hosting a webinar on configuring your Azure Backups with PowerBI and how to build targeted reports to individuals within your organisation. Craig will also discuss how to set up Mobile alerts and the benefits it can provide to your organisation. 

the webinar explored

• Why this is useful 
• Configuring your Azure backups with PowerBI 
• Dashboards on Mobile devices 
• Alerting 
• Data Sources 

Already watched the webinar? Have a read of my blog ‘Reporting on Azure Backup with PowerBI‘.

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