How are you managing your migration?

With the impending end of support for Windows 7, the urgency to migrate to a supported platform is gaining increasing urgency. As a result PowerON has designed a webinar series to explore the key considerations when migrating to Windows 10 effectively and the ongoing management of Windows as a Service. The webinar series discusses and demonstrates relevant processes and techniques to ensure your Windows 10 migration is as smooth as possible.

On- Demand Session One:

What is Upgrade Readiness and Microsoft’s free MDA
The first webinar of the series explores the start of your journey, application readiness with Windows Analytics and Microsoft’s free Modern Desktop Assessment.
The webinar discusses the below areas: 
What is Upgrade Readiness and why should I care?
What is Microsoft's Modern Desktop Assessment?
How can you deploy Upgrade Readiness
Demo of Upgrade Readiness Portal and how to read its data
Summary and next steps
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On- Demand Session Two:

Application Readiness Framework to Real Work
Delivered by PowerON’s Managing Director, Phil Mercer, our second session introduces a structured framework to help understand your app estate, through to rationalisation, deployment and application readiness.
The webinar will explore the below points:
What are the overarching steps?
What are the principals for managing applications?
What tools and techniques are available to support this process?
What steps are involved with the initial discovery, 1st, 2nd round and the tools available to do that?
How to bring a closed loop as Windows as a Service
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On- Demand Session Three:

How to design Windows 10 and leverage the new capability benefits
Delivered by Heinrich Pelser, a PowerON Business Consultant, the webinar discusses Windows 10 configuration, simplifying your OS environment, reducing tools and improving the benefits of deployment into your estate.
Heinrich also explores Azure AD and Always on VPN, given the native integrations with the new Cloud enabled OS.
Introductions to the latest in Windows 10 – always on VPN
The financial benefits of Windows 10 and what should you be thinking about.
Benefits of defining Windows 10 image standard such as Bitlocker, Defender and functional new capabilities and practical capabilities when building your image.
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On- Demand Session Four:

Considerations for managing & coping with Windows as a Service (WaaS)
When migrating to Windows 10 how are you going to manage the updates and Windows as a Service?
This webinar explores:
• Vendor Consolidation considerations
• Windows 10 management moving forwards
• The operational changes to your business when migrating to Windows 10.
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On - Demand Session Five:

What are the latest in Modern Management Updates?
The final session of the series looks at additional technologies that enhance your Windows as a Service. The session is designed to educate on the tools available and when certain tools should be utilised.
The session looks at:
What’s the latest in Configuration Manager
What is the latest in Intune?
What’s the latest in Autopilot?
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