What are the ‘Security Ideals’ in Windows 10?

Event overview

The recent cyber-attacks have shown many IT vulnerabilities that organisations failed to identify. This has resulted in many IT departments ensuring they have locked down their systems and the opportunity for potential threats. 

what can i expect

On Friday 1st September at 2.30pm, Arran Lamb, a PowerON Delivery Consultant specialising in Windows 10 hosted a webinar to explore the ‘ideals of security’ following the recent exploited vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Arran also talked about the recent Windows 10 updates and what this will bring to many organisations. 

the webinar explored

• Vulnerabilities exploited to date and the receptive responses to the ideals of security 
• The security already been built in to current Operating Systems 
• Options available and the business value 
• How can the options be built into, or become components of a complete solution? 
• New updates to Windows 10 and the extras will that bring 

Arran Lamb

Arran Lamb

Arran is a Windows 10 specialist possesessing 20 years experience supporting Microsoft’s products up to Windows 10 and 2012 and is an accomplished Technical Analyst and Microsoft Specialist (Certified MCSE / MCTS).

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