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PowerON’s desktop alignment workshop will help you and your team establish a vision for your desktop estate. Save time and money and ensure you realise the benefits of your Windows 10 investment.

Who is workshop best suited for?


responsible for the overarching desktop strategy


responsible for 
desktop change


responsible for end user computing

project management

responsible for
driving change

What will the workshop cover?

Delivered by an experienced PowerON technical consultant, the workshop is designed to help you assess your current Windows 10 needs and identify the most effective way to implement them. From licensing, deployment to understanding your business demands, the workshop will cover all major factors within your Windows 10 project.

Workshop outcomes

  • Map your desktop vision
  • Prioritise your objectives and focus areas
  • Develop a high level action list
  • Identity a starting point
  • Identify opportunities to save you time and money
  • Determine risks and contraints
  • Recommendations and next steps


Strategy – Vision, project team, sponsor, budget

Current environment – Desktops, licenses, systems, infrastructure layout, support, applications

Future environments – Desired state, timeframes, automation

Deployment – tools, team, capability, capacity, training 

Challenges/threats – change management, training, constraints, budget, time

Summary and roadmap – priorities, timeframes, risks, action list, plan, summary, next steps


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